Baby Boy

I have a few photo shoots to edit, but I could help and post this sweet little guy. He was an angel during the shoot. I love those babies that sleep through most of the session. Makes this picture easy.


HauteCouture-addicted said...

Hi !!
I find that your blog is really good !! ( I'm French so I don't speak very well English !)
I'm a big fan of fashion and photography too !!
So please if you like fashion go to see my blog !
I'm so happy to meet your blog !! he's full of a lot of beautiful photoss !!

Bye !!

Meraj said...

Hi..! I am really impressed by your Beautifull Photography..! This Pic is really Beautifull..! I am Speechless to see this Cute Angle..! and Wish you all the very Best for Future..! Your Photography Skill is really Great and your blog is really Good..!


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