Almost here...

How about this Mama? She is so adorable. I love Nicole's energy and excitement for her new one on the way...

You know when you can just tell whether or not someone has the "MOMMY" gene, well Nicole has it. There is no denying that her and Dan are going to be great parents.

You can just see the love they have for each other when you spend only a short time with them. I can only imagine what love they will have their little one.

Thanks Dan and Nicci for being such great sports. This was my favorite maternity shoots to date, and these are just a few of my favorites there are many more to follow.

Wedding Bells

These two might just be the most beautiful couple I have photographed. I can't wait to finish their pictures. Lots more to come. I couldn't help but post this one.


Becca and Steve

I'm not quite done with these yet, but I just had to post a couple. These two are just so gorgeous together, they were so gooey and totally ready to get married. I always caught them sneaking a kiss but it was perfect for some candid shots. I can't wait to get these out to them. I know they are going to love 'em. More to come, I did their wedding too.



Meet Brittany and Brandon. They were nice enough to let me tag along with them to the beach. They were such a cute couple and seemed to be happily married on their very special day... their anniversary.

Thanks for a fun shoot!


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