No these two aren't getting married. They are just high school sweethearts, who look like they could be on the cover of teen magazines. Even though this was an impromptu session with Preston (hence the basketball shorts) we got some great shots. Like I said before Kathryn will be using some of the shots for some commercial pictures she needed. I love the first shot, it's my favorite.



I took pictures of Katie a couple weeks ago for her Senior announcements and modeling headshots. 
I have known her and her family for quite some time now and I can't believe how old she is. 
What a beautiful young woman she has blossomed into.
 I hope graduation goes well, I know you have some great shots to send out to family. Xoxo!


Melissa's Bridals

These turned out amazing. There were so many to choose from so I picked a few with my eyes closed.. . pretty good. Melissa was such a beautiful bride, I had a great time with her Mom, bridesmaids, and of course, her. 

Next up Katie's Senior Pics and Melissa and Taylor's wedding.


Old School

This couple reminded me of a wedding back in the day, from her 60's style dress to his corduroy suit they looked amazing. I am trying to finish up their pictures soon, so I can start on the wedding I did last week, Melissa's Bridals, and Katie's Senior portraits. 


Miss to Mrs.

Melissa and I met up on the beach to take her Bridals. 
She will officially be a Mrs. this Saturday and I can't wait to shoot her wedding. 
She is so beautiful and I was blown away by how great her pictures turned out. 
I would post more, but I don't want to ruin the surprise or her dress... 
so I will wait until after her wedding. 
Good Luck Melissa!


J & C

Working on this and a few other things right now. Here are a few of the first pictures I edited. I know I am going to love this couples wedding shots. More to come. 


Baby O

I took pictures of this little man when he was only a few weeks old and now he is almost ONE! I can't believe how time fly's. He is such a fun little guy. He just started crawling and he's already a pro. Good luck planning his birthday party Judy!



Happy Mothers Day
to all the MOMs out there. 
We appreciate everything you do 
and all that you represent. 
You are beautiful inside and out. 


The Rigoli Kids

Some just make it easy.
I had no trouble finding tons of pictures I loved.
I know their MOM is going to LOVE this mothers day treat.
Thanks Gina for trusting me, 
your head shots are stunning! 



These 2 cuties joined me at the Pier to get some pictures for dad before he leaves, he's in the military. They are absolutely adorable and fun to play around with. Emily kept me laughing, she pretneded to be a dog for the first part of the shoot, then we had to bribe her for the last half of the shoot. It was worth it though. They got some great pictures. 

He didn't know I snapped this picture. . . 

Thanks Paula for being such a stud with your two kids.


I'm finished with Paige and Doug's pictures. I can't wait to see how their invites turn out. They had a great idea and I am just loving the end result. I don't want to spoil the surprise so after they send them out I will post it. 
Thanks Marilyn for being so cool. Also Thank you to Doug and Paige for being so in love. It was easy to catch the chemistry between you two love birds.


Right now I am working on these pictures of this munchkin and her brother. I also have 3 other clients I'm working on as well, and a wedding. It's going to be a busy week. More to come. 


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