Orange County- San Clemente Newborn Session

 This shoot was really fun for me because it was in my studio and also outside at my home. I love being able to give my clients the option to come to me or do a location session. Also Hillary was visiting from out of state and an outdoor session with a newborn would have been a little difficult. I'm very happy with the way these all turned out. This little guy was such a trooper for dealing with his new surroundings and being "nakie" for most of the session. I always am a sucker for newborn shoots.


Portrait Session- San Clemente

I absolutely adore this little girl. I've known her for a few years now and I'm over the moon about her and her family. She was a perfect model for me during the shoot and so full of happiness and pure sweetness. I can't wait to see what her Mom does with the photos. These are just a few from our session that blew me away. I can't believe how much older and just how mature she looks in all these photos.


New Site

I may have jumped the gun on this one. However, I couldn't stand my old site anymore. So I have a new site up and running!! Over time I will continue to tweak and update it. On the new site you might notice that there are portfolios that are "under-construction" so bare with me as I catch up on re-vamping my new website.

Thank you to all you who choose Candice Brooke Photography. My clients are the BOMB! and I love each one of you!!

visit the new site, which is still at the same web address www.candicebrookephotography.com 

Family Session- San Juan Capistrano

Out in the open. 
I'm such a sucker for a Mama and her baby. These two are twins!

**Disclaimer: Sorry these pictures just don't turn out as vibrant on the web. When you click on the picture to make it bigger you can see that there is much more color and sharpness. 


A little glitter

I recently added a little studio in my garage and tested it out on my little girl. I love how it turned out. I can't wait to try this out on some of my clients. Excited about adding another element to my photography. More fun things coming your way. . .

In Home Newborn Session - Baby June

I'm finally done editing baby June's pictures. They took me a little bit longer then I had expected but I love every single one of them. This family is so special to me and I love their unique and special bond. I can't wait to get these over to baby June's Mama.


Baby June- quick look

Just about done with these. I am loving all of them. Here's a quick preview. Just one for now.


In Home Newborn Session|Orange County, CA| San Clemente

This Mama was looking amazing, I couldn't believe that she had literally just had her 3rd baby a week or two before I came to take their Newborn Pictures. Her home was so beautiful and his sweet little room was equally amazing. This Mommy of 3 looks to have it all together. I love meeting clients that are great parents and love their newborn babes. Newborn homes just have a certain feel to them, it's just magical. She was definitely one of them. I really enjoyed our session and hope I can take some more shots of her family in the future.


S and C Wedding

I can't decide which one I like better so I just posted both of them. I loved shooting this wedding. This couple was awesome.

Turning 1...

never looked so adorable. This little one is seriously too cute for words. I couldn't get enough of her big brown eyes and that big floral skirt.


Beach Maternity Shoot Preview

These pictures turned out stunning. One of the most gorgeous pregnant ladies I've seen. Glad we took these when we did because her sweet baby came right after this shoot... 4 weeks Early!!


Sneak Peak at the Beach

I loved this shoot. Especially because I love this family! 
I have a ton of images to edit, but I'm liking what I see so far. 


Out in the Orchard

Are these kids adorable or what! 
I couldn't get over them and their cute little outfits.
Especially those little boys with the suits on.



Haydin's 2nd

My little one turned TWO 

We threw her a little mexican themed party with  all the trimmings. She had the time of her life with all her friends & family, a bounce house, PiƱata, amazing cake, and lots and lots of Meixcan food. 

I can't believe my baby is two
I love you Haydin.



I had 15 shoots in 4 days a few weeks ago 
and I am finally caught up and just about finished. 

Here is one picture from one of my sessions. I loved all the pictures from each shoot. Doing Mini Sessions are seriously the best. So easy and quick. Maybe I need to do some more of these??!!


Haydin turns TWO

Above is Haydi's party in short. 
Below is a little longer...
It was a very last minute party, but looks like I slaved over it for weeks. 
I'm lucky to have a sister in law who crafts like Martha Stewart, to lend me some decorations. 
Otherwise we got some good old Mexican food, big and small balloons, and a bounce house. 
It was perfect my sweet little 2 year old. 

The cake was amazing. My favorite part of the party. 

Oh yes and how could I not get a pinata for my little Cinco De Mayo baby. 

This one loves to Dance. This was her post bday celebratory shuffle.

Haydin we love you. 


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