Baby "M"

This is my second time shooting this family, they always know what they want,
and are open to any suggestions.
Their beautiful baby girl is always on her best behavior,
I'm serious , I have yet to see her cry or get upset.
These were taken for their Chritmas pictures and to capture
their little one at different stages in her toddler months.
Thanks guys!



The Flournoys

Love this family. They are so much fun and great to shoot. Their kids are adorable and I can't wait to see what the next little guy will look like. I wish them all the luck with their ever growing family.

Ps. The colors on my pictures aren't turning out they way they really look. They aren't as vibrant. It's really fustrating, but at least my clients know when they see their pictures on here they might not be as colorful. Just a side note to onlookers.


The "M" Family

What a beautiful day it was at the beach. After 2 cancelled sessions we happen to hit a perfect picture day. Thank goodness because I love taking pictures of this family. They are so much fun and always keep me on my feet especially with their 2 year old who doesn't exactly love the camera.
Congratulations to Mama "M" for recently giving birth to their first baby boy. He is precious.



I have been wanting to take pictures of Twins forever. Since I am a twin it was just one of those things that I always thought would be fun, and it was. They each had their own personality and unique little faces.
Their parents are certainly busy and I can't even imagine how many diaper changes and bottles they go through a day. Thank you for welcoming me into your home to photography your adorable little babies.



This little one is usually such a ham for the camera, but on this day she had different plans. She wasn't about to have her pictures taken. She had a little melt down and we decided to part ways and re-schedule for later. Once I got home I only had about 40 pictures, but I was happy with what I ened up with. Looks like we got a few after all.


The "P" Family

Where does the time go? Seems like yesterday I took pictures of this happy family and their precious newborn. This time it was for Baby "E's" 4 month pictures and Christmas cards. As usual the family was picture perfect and they will have tons of pictures to choose from. I look forward to seeing her in a couple months for more pictures.


The "G" Kids

It's another year and I can't believe it. These kids are growing up right before my very eyes. I can't believe how much each one has changed since the last time I took their pictures.
It was another great year. We tried something different, and it all worked out.
I can't wait to see their Christmas cards.


baby girl

This precious little girl gave us a run for our money. Her mom was hoping for some sleeping pictures, but she didn't even want to blink when I was there. The funny thing is that we got some great shots of her blinking which looks like she is sleeping, and they turned out great.
Plus she is so cute, that the eyes open pictures turned out amazing as well. Job well done after a few hours of breastfeeding, crying, begging, and pleading.


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