Easter Sunday

Easter was great for us. I hope you had fun with you and yours!



This little guy was such a sweet baby. He hung out for a while and then finally fell asleep. I always love when we can take some pictures of the baby awake and then put them down for a nap and shoot some of them sleeping. To me that's a perfect "Newborn Session". Sometimes it doesn't always happen, but on this day it did. Special thanks to his Mama for being so patient and loving. She rocked him to sleep like a pro, of course she was covered in poop and pee, but it wouldn't have been a Newborn shoot without some of that.


My girl

My little girl is 11 months. I can't believe how old she is getting. It makes me excited that she is almost walking. I will love that she will be able to run around with my other kids instead of crawling on the ground gettin dirty and putting every little microscopic thing in her mouth. 
She is such a good girl. I love her so. 


Little Feet

These cute little toes were too cute for me not to post. There's something about tiny toes that I simply love. They are so cute and soft, I always want to squeeze them and kiss them. Am I just weird, maybe.


Hello there

What a precious little one this girl is. She is only 3 months and is such a chunk. I could just eat her up. I am not done editing all the pictures I am supposed to but I couldn't help put one or two of these up. I'm sure her Mama will love it. 


My Loves

I made these LOVE pictures for the grandparents on Valentines day. It was super easy adding the LOVE. I just added it in photoshop with a text I got from UrbanFonts.com. Then with the paint brush I added the little squiggles on the sides. There you have it, a perfect card for your special someone.


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