The Pumpkin Patch

Today I went along with The Flournoy Family to the Pumpkin Patch to take some pictures of their fun little famliy as they picked out their pumpkins for Halloween. It was pretty dark outside by the time we got there and the air from the fires wasn't the best, however we still managed to get some great shots of their precious kids.


Sammie and Wyatt

This shoot was fun because I was running around non-stop after these two sweet kids. When we first arrived at the beach they weren't too excited about being photographed but after letting out some steam they came around and we got some great shots.


The Cougherty Family

This last weekend I took pictures of the adorable Cougherty family. Their house was so cute and if you couldn't tell I loved the picture they had above their bed. Their darling baby loved white noise so throughout the shoot they had a tape recorder playing static noise for him. We hid the tape recorder under the sheets and in between the parents, but it was all worth it because ther baby was calm and relaxed the whole time. Here are some pictures from their shoot.


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