Light me up

It's Christmas time around here. 
My kids have helped me 
decorate the house 
and the tree.  

Now it's time to celebrate the Holiday season!
I am all booked up for the rest of the year
 and then some. 
Please don't be shy though, 
sometimes I have cancellations or openings. 
So email me if you're wanting something last minute. 
Happy Holidays. 

I will also be blogging here


Me Oh My

I recently took pictures for my sister in law, who just so happens to have one of the best blogs around. She featured a few pictures I took of her and my precious niece. 
Click here to check them out. 
I'm only posting a few because I don't want to ruin her Christmas Cards.
Love these! 
Check out me oh my for weekly inspiration.


Laguna Beach Family Session


Sometimes all you need is one picture to sum up a session. 
Love this shot.


Beachside in Oceanside

After a few weeks or so of emailing, cancellations, bad weather, and an ugly red tide we decided to take a chance and just go for it. The weather was perfect. It was the first non foggy late afternoon in what seemed like forever, and the red tide wasn't too bad at all. I'm glad we finally got together, and I love how this family's pictures turned out. I loved their Nautical attire. Too cute. Only a few as to not ruin any possible christmas pictures.


Orchard Mini Session

This was one of those shoots that I'm reminded why I like doing photography. I think we talked more then we took pictures. It's fun meeting new people especially when they live literally around the corner from you and they are as fun as Erica and her Husband. A lot of people have been requesting an open field or an Orchard, so bare with me as we get through all these open field shoots. I love them, so I'm hoping you do too. 

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In the Belly...

 Baby S is on the way or should be soon. These two love birds are certainly ready for their long awaited baby "S". He's one lucky little man. I'm so excited for them and hope I get to meet him when he's born... maybe for a Newborn Session :)

Good Luck K!



 After going back and forth on what day to shoot and being worried about the weather we decided to chance it and stick with our original plans. Turns out we made the right decision. I couldn't have picked a better day to have Kelly's Mini Session.

Kelly, is a fellow photographer and has lived out here for a couple years. She wanted to get some pictures that she could look back on remembering California and the beach. Sadly, she is going back home and moving out of state to be back in her home town. She told me that she "hates'' being in front of the camera. I hope these pictures change her mind because she looks great.


D + M

Another Mini Session success. This family is one of my favorites. So easy to shoot and fun to hang out with. The kids didn't really want their pictures taken so I took a "life style" approach to this shoot. Not too many pictures sitting and smiling. Just tons of them being a family and loving on each other. I also got to meet their newest addition, who is fitting in just perfectly. I love the last shot of him and his Dad. Too sweet.



 I had to add this picture below. I am loving this effect right now. I can't put my finger on why, but I like it and had to share.
Taking family pictures may seem very intimidating and grueling to most men. I've never been able to get a straight answer out of any man, but I am starting to think it's because they just think it's lame... and even though they might never admit it, they're a little embarrassed or even shy. Nonetheless, every time I get a client who claims their husband sooo did not want to get pictures taken, ends up thanking me with the end result. It never fails, after the fact, they always realize how special that moment was and are thankful they did it.

Danny so did not want his picture taken, I'm hoping to prove to him these pictures were all worth it. Hopefully he will thank his wife later or maybe even give her a....



The " Yurky's"

I love this family and all the fun we had during this shoot. It was raining most of the time... over cast and ugly skies, but you can't even tell by looking at the pictures. They had such a blast and the kids were totally excited to be playing in the rain.

I have a ton of pictures to edit. These mini sessions are giving me a run for my money. Thank you to all you wonderful clients who make all this possible for me.

PS. Not sure what happens when I upload pictures to blogger, but all my picture come out so dull. In real life they are a lot more crisp and have way better color. Just a little side note, because it drives me crazy!


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