J in contest

Well Jordyn made it to the Finals of the Kiis Fm Baby Contest ! Please visit www.Kiisfm.com and vote for her. She is in Gallery 1 contestant 19.



Jordy has been entered in the KIIS Cutest Baby Contest. Go to www.kiisfm.com, then baby contest and cast your vote for Jordyn. She is in group 3 contestant 22.

Hurry and vote!




For this shoot we headed to the Los Angeles National Forest. Note to anyone traveling lock your car doors! We got robbed while on our photo shoot :( however it didn't ruin all the fun we had while taking Natalie and Michael's engagement photos. They were such a fun couple. Their love for each other was so strong and adorable. Michael helped Natalie get over the river, down the steep slopes, and into the car. And Natalie helped Michael decide what to wear and when to wear it. They were a cute little team. I can tell that they are going to be happy forever.


Linz, Gregg & Ryder

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting one month old Ryder. He is such a little angel, I could already tell that mom and dad are wrapped around his finger. I can't wait to watch this little guy grow up.


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