JJ and Kristy

this couple. They had their little baby today. I thought I would post one of my favorite maternity pictures of her and her husband. Congratulations!



He's sleeping.


I love this picture. I just had to post it.


Skeen Family Reunion

Skeen Family

Skeen Family

Skeen Family

Skeen Family

What a group this was! There was such much going on with each little family, that it made for a great and crazy day at the beach. I hope they love all their pictures as much as I do. The colors they chose ended up looking great with the overcast day. Good call Tracy.

Jylare and Murphy

Jylare and Murphy
Lately I have been busy with a couple weddings. Here is one that I really like from the Newport Temple. What a great couple, huh?



Tiffany and Blake
This gorgeous couple got married this past Friday. It was such a pleasure to do their wedding. So far I have only edited a few of their pictures, and they are turning out great. This is just one I had to post.


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