D + M

Another Mini Session success. This family is one of my favorites. So easy to shoot and fun to hang out with. The kids didn't really want their pictures taken so I took a "life style" approach to this shoot. Not too many pictures sitting and smiling. Just tons of them being a family and loving on each other. I also got to meet their newest addition, who is fitting in just perfectly. I love the last shot of him and his Dad. Too sweet.



 I had to add this picture below. I am loving this effect right now. I can't put my finger on why, but I like it and had to share.
Taking family pictures may seem very intimidating and grueling to most men. I've never been able to get a straight answer out of any man, but I am starting to think it's because they just think it's lame... and even though they might never admit it, they're a little embarrassed or even shy. Nonetheless, every time I get a client who claims their husband sooo did not want to get pictures taken, ends up thanking me with the end result. It never fails, after the fact, they always realize how special that moment was and are thankful they did it.

Danny so did not want his picture taken, I'm hoping to prove to him these pictures were all worth it. Hopefully he will thank his wife later or maybe even give her a....



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