The Woffinden's

This lovely family of 7 is one of my favorites.

They started off with these 2
and decided to try for one more

and got these precious triplets! Could you imagine?

These parents are so amazing, and have raised some awesome kids.

Thanks for trusting me and making it so much fun!

For the Women

It's time to remind your husband or boyfriend who that sexy woman is underneath the sweatshirt and baby barf.
Get your sexy back with a "rockin shoot".
Here are some samples... enjoy

Baby "R"

I couldn't get enough of this sweet baby girl.
She was about as perfect as perfect gets.
She opened her eyes when she needed to, slept through most of the shoot, even posed perfectly without even knowing it.
I finally got to use my baby cocoon on a newbie,
and they turned out awesome.
Love these.

Pickett Kiddos

Ok so I just realized I have been calling these kids by their mothers maiden name. 
NO one told me, 
it just came to me. 
So, "SORRY!!" to Tracy and to your husband. 
I am sure he was feeling a little left out.

Now... here are the Pickett kids, adorable as can be. 
They love their new baby brother to peices. 
I always squeeze this family in whenever they are down here visiting family. 
I love working with them. 
Such awesome kids and great parents. Hope to see them soon.


This little man was such a cutie pie. 
He pretty much warmed right up to me. 
He even shared his favorite Backyardigan with me.
He sure was a mover, 
I don't blame his mom for calling in a photographer to get some shots.
I'd say we did a good job. 


Tay and P

These 2 are so adorable. 
I am always down to do a photo session with them whenever I can. 
So I squeezed them in for a 20 minute quickie 
and they turned out great! 
Hope you like 'em Mama Flo. 



This little lady knew how to work it. 
She needed some shots for her zed card and this is what we came up with. 
I loved her cute dress and bare feet and the fact that she wasn't afraid to try new things. 
I wish her luck in whatever comes her way. 


New baby brother

The Skeen family added a new baby boy to their family, and his two siblings couldn't be more in love... more to come.



I just finished these amazing bridals and their wedding. 
Just 5 more clients waiting behind them, 
I KNOW I KNOW my blog is boring right now. 
I promise I will do better.


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