New bag of tricks

These last few weeks have been tons of fun for me and a lot of hard work. I have thrown myself back into photography and with that comes lots of editing time, babysitters, and craziness. Luckily for me I also was a able to do a mentoring session with one of my favorite people. Jessica Kettle of Jessica Kettle Photography came down from Utah to give me a new bag of tricks. Above are a few of the shots that I took from my session with her. They turned out amazing and I am feeling great about the new things I have learned. Thank you Jessica, you are amazing. More to come from this mentoring session... and thanks to Lexi (my sister) for being such a beautiful model. 


JJ,Kristy,Braylon and Jax said...

These look amazing. I can't get over how much Lexi looks like your mom in these pictures. Beautiful work.

nicole said...

Love these, and loved our session with Jessica!

Kristy, I know, I said the same thing while we were shooting, Lexi was looking so much like Franchesca! She is a beauty!


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