The big day

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to take pictures for the newly Mr. and Mrs. Flournoy. They were such a cute couple, I had so much fun taking pictures of them. Andrea had the most positive and fun loving attitude, Jesse is one lucky guy.
These are just a few pictures from the wedding... more to come.


Scott & Adie said...

You got some GORGEOUS wedding shots! Really beautiful. It looks like a really fun day.


Jessica Kettle said...

hi candice! You don't know me- I'm a friend of Chrissy and Luke's and saw your blog from theirs. anyway, I started a photo business about the same time you did I think and I booked my first two weddings in march. scary. I was just wondering what you offered and how much you charged for your first few. Your work is beautiful! if you have a second, I'd love to hear from ya. Thanks!


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